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Evil Returns, and Its Name is Iratus.

An inversion to the classic heroic tale, Iratus: Lord of the Dead lets players use fallen foes to create fearsome monsters for their personal army. With a heavy focus on strategic combat, Iratus is a complex and rewarding experience for those with dubious ethics and a love of dark fantasy. Brought to you by Unfrozen Studios, a newly formed studio of industry veterans who worked on the games such as the Disciples franchise.

As the eponymous necromancer, Iratus has players take the rein of a reviled mage returning from the void of death. After years of the tedium that comes being dead, Iratus returns to restart his quest of world domination. With bundles of bones, souls and squishy bits, Iratus brings back his army the only way he knows how...

Key Features: 

● Develop and improve your belowground lair with necromantic powers.
● Craft undead minions with the body parts of dead enemies.
● Advanced fighting system: Know your enemies’ strong points and weak spots to achieve victory.
● Turn-based battle system with upward of 50 original minion’s talents.
● Intelligent enemy AI, challenging even experienced RPG-strategists.
● Three types of necromancer talents for gameplay: alchemy, magic talents, or tactical skills.
● Irreversible consequences. Classic roguelike features including character permadeath.
● Detailed stylized 2D graphics in the spirit of dark fantasy.
● Detailed skeletal animations.


Iratus: Lord of the Dead [DEMO.zip] 493 MB

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Since I saw the trailer and I wanted to play that game, great a demo ! I kinda regret that we don't see much but from what I've played it's a buy ;) 

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the game does not download 

google blocked a popup

TY for report, Now, try it again! ♥

=============== GERMAN ================
(english below)

Was wäre, wenn wir den "Dungeon Keeper" spielen... aber in "Darkest Dungeon"?

First Impression Video:

- Darkest Dungeon, dieses mal als die Gegner
- Grafik und Sound bereits sehr gut gepolished
- knackige Kämpfe

- wenig eigene Ideen
- abseits der Kämpfe nur wenig zutun
- RNG kann einen Run direkt am Anfang beenden

=============== ENGLISH ================

How about we be the "Dungeon Keeper"... but we do so in "Darkest Dungeon"?

- Darkest Dungeon but you are the enemy
- Graphic and Sound is very very polished
- hard battles

- only very few own ideas
- not a lot to do outside of battles
- RNG can end your run on the very beginning

I don't play a lot of games like this, but it felt like something along the lines of Darkest Dungeon. The voice acting and artwork are astounding and leave a solid first impression, but I don't think I've seen enough of the combat to have a real opinion on it. I had a damn good time playing the demo!