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Since I saw the trailer and I wanted to play that game, great a demo ! I kinda regret that we don't see much but from what I've played it's a buy ;) 

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the game does not download 

google blocked a popup

TY for report, Now, try it again! ♥

=============== GERMAN ================
(english below)

Was wäre, wenn wir den "Dungeon Keeper" spielen... aber in "Darkest Dungeon"?

First Impression Video:

- Darkest Dungeon, dieses mal als die Gegner
- Grafik und Sound bereits sehr gut gepolished
- knackige Kämpfe

- wenig eigene Ideen
- abseits der Kämpfe nur wenig zutun
- RNG kann einen Run direkt am Anfang beenden

=============== ENGLISH ================

How about we be the "Dungeon Keeper"... but we do so in "Darkest Dungeon"?

- Darkest Dungeon but you are the enemy
- Graphic and Sound is very very polished
- hard battles

- only very few own ideas
- not a lot to do outside of battles
- RNG can end your run on the very beginning

I don't play a lot of games like this, but it felt like something along the lines of Darkest Dungeon. The voice acting and artwork are astounding and leave a solid first impression, but I don't think I've seen enough of the combat to have a real opinion on it. I had a damn good time playing the demo!